Machine Highway

Title: Machine Highway Space

Date: 2018.10 - 2018.12

Class Type: Advanced Topic Studio

Instructor: Greg Lynn, Marta Nowak, Kaiho Yu

Team Member: Nanxuan Zheng, Tingji Guo

Project Size: 50m x 30m


We use this project as a attempt to figure out the relationship between human and robots within architecture, obviously, machines being introduced into building are supposed to serve human being. We are trying to build a machine highway system within architecture which would achieve the harmonious relationship between people and mobile device.


Highway is a endless loop

People and robots do not share a path, they are either:

a. crossing;

b. tangent;

c. discrete

People and robots use tangent circulation route

Highway makes spatial islands due to contiuous loop & crossing

Intersection Simulation

Human need to be safe while machine are running fast, so we thought it could be better for them to work separate spaces, it means mostly people and robots are not together, but we did consider that people need to have certain interaction with these devices and we tried several ways to make it happen while keep people safe. As a starter, we focused on 2D - dimensional intersection and interaction between human and robots.

Loose Pedestrian

Medium Pedestrian

Congested Pedestrian

Simulation of Different Intersection

We set several intersections between machine and people to do the simulation, trying to figure out the pedestrian status and machine running speed within each circumstance. The diagram below demonstrates the results of simulation, the more difference between pedestrian status and machine speed, the more possibilities people would get annoyed.

Work Procedure

Conceptual Model

Section View


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