Experience Explorer - Destination Market

Title: Experience Explorer - Destination Market

Date: 2019.1 - 2019.3

Class Type: Advanced Topics Studio

Instructor: Greg Lynn, Marta Nowak, Kaiho Yu

Project Location: Los Angeles

Team Member: Tingji Guo, Nanxuan Zheng, Yanxu Jia

Mission Statement: "Experience-explorer" is composed of "mobile specialty rooms" in vertical dimension, where customers can enjoy their time and meet with friend as shopping potentially. Without vertical transportation like elevators and stairs, people can only use mobile rooms to get to different floors. Each "mobile specialty room" has a different shape and exit, and when mobile rooms move vertically, the circulation and layout of each floor is changed consistently.

Section Arrangement

Normal Market Section Arrangement

Experience Explorer

Vertical moving rooms generate more section combination and variable layout that offer people unpredictable experience

Process of Generation

Physical Model Projection


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