Ballpark Office

Title: Ballpark Office

Date: 2019.3 - 2019.6

Class Type: Advanced Topic Studio

Instructor: Greg Lynn, Marta Nowak, Kaiho Yu, Iman Ansari

Team Member: Wei Zou, Tingji Guo, Zhili Geng, Bingqing Xu

Mission Statement:

Office Ballpark allows the mood of the company to be experienced minute-by-minute by everyone that works there much the same as a sporting event.


It is organized around a field of amenities and events with two raised opposing clusters of workstation and communal islands called working piles. A spiral elevated networking loop consisted of shared conference rooms and kitchens interconnects work piles on both sides.

The field holds the interaction between visitors and employees. Underneath the field, a vast terminal  with drop-off and pick-up spots leads people to the field area through multiple ramps and stairs.  A ramp of broad walks connects these areas from bottom to top.

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